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Software factory

Software development and innovative solutions for web, desktop and smartphones.

Software Development

Our software factory works restlessly in order to create innovative solutions for our clients and of course, for our internal purposes. Our developments include but are not limited to traditional desktop software, web based solutions and Android apps. Our software tools are easy to handle, powerful, requiring short curve of learning. They are meant for business management as well as for general public, depending on a case. We can also develop solutions for third parties according to needs of the projects we have been involved in. We are pioneers in software development, with more than 30 years of experience.

Graphic design

Similarly to how we care about the algorithm and the quality of the code, we also care about the usability and the front-end, making interfaces quicker and more attractive, with the help of professional and experienced designers.

Web Mastering and Community Management

Our IT department also deals with the creation and maintenance of content for websites and corporative intranets, and we are providing a passionate and client-oriented involvement in a community management for social networks. We promote the best techniques to get a natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and positioning.

Networking and Data Centers

In the physical part of the IT area, we make installation and deployment of physical wired networks and corporative Wi-Fi solutions. We make all kinds of data centers from the phase of design to the final delivery for exploitation, including air conditioning systems, automatized backup, fire extinction systems or control of accesses.

Outsourcing and maintenance

For non-technological companies whose business core is not IT, however needing IT extensively in order to support their activities, it is highly recommended to make a complete or partial outsourcing of their IT department and its transversal functions.

Hardware Procurement

There are many companies providing laptops and desktop computers. We cannot provide any extraordinary added value on this. Thus, our interest in the procurement of hardware goes about non-conventional machines as servers, workstations, embedded or dedicated systems, low-cost pico-computers, industrial computers, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), POIs (Points of Information) or POS (Points of Sale).

Outsourcing of Consulting Services and Software Development in Kyrgyzstan.

What we can offer you

Software factory

  • Management software for companies, departments, or productive processes.
  • We develop traditional desktop software, web-based solutions and Android apps.
  • Documents of fuctional and technical analysis.
  • Development documentation and user's help systems.
  • Outsourcing of projects development.
  • Coding for 3rd parts under specifications
  • Programing for Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Software for Points of Vending (POS) and points of information (kiosks).
  • Domotics and control of industrial processes.
  • Transversal managemetn of interdepartmental processes.
  • Translation of websites and pre-existing web apps.
  • Service of maintenance and code updating.
  • Design and normalization of databases.

Graphic design

  • Logo design and corporate image for branding and rebranding.
  • Front End and user interface design for all types of software.
  • Web design and corporate portals.
  • Look and feel and usability.
  • Advertising banners.

A few advantages to consider

  • Interlocution with the client in Spanish, English and Russian.
  • Translation of interfaces and documentation into more than 12 languages.
  • Developers with more than 30 years of experience.
  • Local programmers with strong logical-mathematical training, not only in IT.
  • Seriousness in the fulfillment of qualities and deadlines.
  • Universal and proven technologies. No fantasies. High performance and easy maintenance systems.
  • We develop for you with european standards but with Asian prices.

Contact us and we will help you with your case.