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IT and Business consultancy

Business consultancy. A high quality assessment focused on the efficiency of your business processes.

We made a selection of useful consultancy services, both for business processes as for IT combined.

Consultancy on processes: From chaos to order.

The internal processes of a company are set according to the company's pace of development and are adapted to newly emerging needs.

Sometimes an urgent need is covered with a quick improvised solution but further it does not appear to be as effective as it has been expected to be.

This occurs, either because the entire business or the convergence of other interdepartmental flows has not been taken into account, or because of other collateral inconveniences to said specific solutions, since the solution was focused on a specific need and in most cases cases... urgent.

Process consulting offers a global review of the company or any of its departments, having a very positive influence on the client's business and its income statement.

Reverse consultancy: Trust but verify!

When companies or state agencies hire consultancy companies to implement big projects, not everytime it ends good.

Sometimes a public or private entity requires the services of a consulting company to develop one or several projects and implement necessary changes. And on many occasions, relations between the parties are not as good as expected.

In this case, reverse consulting allows an external check or arbitration with the neutrality of a third party that has the capacity for dialogue between the technical and business parties to mutually translate the problems, needs and vision.

This makes it possible to solve the problems that make projects difficult before they escalate and to detect abuses of knowledge or excessive solutions.

Consultancy on company decrease: Being small is not a big deal!

Every company faces times of crisis during its existence, and even more so these days. It is necessary to overcome this period.

It may happen that a company becomes big, but after an economic crisis or some changes in the market or in business requirements, the structure of the company may suffer from stagnation, which causes serious problems, including total bankruptcy.

We advise companies in trouble how to become smaller in a smart way, and how to decrease their structures with minimum losses of the added value and the business volume.

Spain-Kyrgyzstan business assessment: We can help each other!

From our experience of working in both countries, we can advise Kyrgyz or Spanish companies within the process of entering and establishing in the respective markets, regardless whether the businesses imply products, services or both combined.