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Design and technical data

Design and technical data

Iberkyrgyz Wealth Group, ltd is webmastering the present site, making also tasks related to domain name and hosting. We also update contents.

From Iberkyrgyz Wealth Group, ltd we cannot warranty the availability or continuity of the web page and its functions, despite when possible, we will warn about interruption of services.

In the development of this website we paid attention to avoiding the use of cookies. We do not need them, you do not need them. Also we do not use other embedded technologies such as Flash or Java applets.

The design has been adjusted for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safary in their latest versions and for the most common screen sizes and devices. There may be some problems in the layout and disposition of visual elements if other web browsers or special devices or screen resolutions are used. If this happens, please, update your web browser or use a more standard device.

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