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Reverse consultancy

Sometimes, a company or a state agency, or any other public or private entity requires services of a consulting company to have one or several different projects developed, or some necessary changes introduced. However, on many occasions, the relationships between the parties are not as good as they are expected to be.

There are many factors that determine why this happens.

In many cases, the lack of knowledge of a hiring company about the subject of consulting puts them in a weak position and causes doubts about the honesty and technical capability of the implementers, as well as overall distrust.

Knowing this weakness of companies needing consulting services, we can say that, sometimes a lack of ethics from an executing company or an abuse from some members of the executing team may cause poor implementation or lead to poor solutions in terms of quality, price, and deadlines what brings about some important lacks. Sometimes solutions are presented as much more expensive than they really are.

Second opinion

In general, selected consulting companies based on their size, strength, or selling capacities and accomplishing bidding requirements, intend to get maximum amount of money from the projects they are awarded. Then, they tend to offer solutions that are much bigger than required by their clients, or to make savings on any of the implementation aspects.

To summarize, project implementation by a consultant may differ from the expected one. Things worsen when in addition to the aforementioned issues, you need to overpass cultural differences or work in a multilingual environment.

When this happens, despite some honest companies, client companies are not protected from incapability to measure both – the solution’s dimension, its suitability, and the performance of the chosen consultant.

We believe that these entities need an independent second opinion in order to keep trust and good relations with executing companies, or, at least, to understand what they are being or have been cheated on, or to detect “gaps”, “bottlenecks” or “weak spots”, and should these be the case, then pay a somewhat particular attention to them.

It is just like when many of us seek a second opinion after a medical diagnostics has been completed, the service of reverse consulting is deemed to play the same role in a business environment.

In the middle

Our consultants will evaluate the project itself and detect all possible cheating, failures and weaknesses, and will provide professional conclusions about the proposed solution.

So, in reverse consultancy, we will act as external auditors to analyze the well-being of the future or ongoing project. If need be we will keep track of the project during its implementation, and finally, if required - act as arbitrators or as an intermediate partner.

This will be a strong weapon which provides proper risk management tools that our clients can use to succeed in the projects contracted with several other consulting companies.

This kind of analysis of contrasts and subsequent guidance helps to save a lot of resources including time and money, and prevents from deceptions without interrupting the project.

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