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Cultural activities

We love both the Spanish and the Kyrgyz culture. Each is not so well-known in the other country. And we regard it as a challenge, as a duty and as a way to promote the cultures in both countries, thus broadening links and brotherhood relationships that we have in between.

It is amazing to discover how much we have in common. And, it is even more amazing to go on discovering the unique cultural aspects which are really unknown to the other side.


Thus we promote cultural activities and interchanges in almost all aspects including folklore, arts, cuisine, music, dances, traditions, ways of thinking and being

We promote tourism through agreements between several travel agencies, showing the most picturesque sites, nature, pieces of art and architecture.

Rural buildings

We are also involved in spreading expertise knowledge and technology, developing other quite different areas like the language and interpersonal human relations, as well as increasing diplomatic and commercial ones.

In the part of internal activities on broadening of cultural knowledge, we organize such events as traditional parties, holidays and festivals.


Finally, culture is the first, principal and ultimate expression of the human soul. Only culture can empathize and unite people, enabling them to dream of something more important than themselves as well as to find themselves through others.

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