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About us

Brief history of our company

Iberkyrgyz Wealth Group Ltd. was founded in February 2016 as a Kyrgyz company with Spanish capital, and with headquarters in the city of Bishkek. It was created with the aim of building technological and commercial "bridges" that promote brotherhood and collaboration between Spain and Kyrgyzstan.

What we are here for?

For this, we have embarked on the introduction in the country of data and information management technologies with European quality for both private companies and self-employed entrepreneurs and for public administrations. We have also been involved in all kinds of initiatives, trade in goods and services and even, often, in cultural activities that fit in with our corporate strategy.

In accordance with this philosophy, we work in numerous fields to cover all the areas necessary to achieve our objectives, including information and process consulting, which is so necessary in countries with a growing economy like this one.

From the wide spectrum of our activities, we are always involved in creating abundance, excellence, well-being and prosperity... or to put it another way, we are committed to the growth of this country.

Each of our activities is developed by a group of professionals from each of the areas. We have an enthusiastic team, ready to respond immediately to any need that our clients may express, and to act as a relay between the two countries.

We are proud of our agility and proactivity, and at the same time we have a high level of demand for ourselves, establishing strong internal quality controls.

Our values

Our external values are universal.

They include respecting the dignity of women, promoting sustainable development, working tirelessly for stable economic growth in Kyrgyzstan, alleviating poverty and social problems, fighting for respect for human rights, and ensuring freedom of the individual. What we value most is precisely freedom.

We also have our internal values, such as empowering the people who work on our team. They are given space for initiatives, and to expand their knowledge with courses and seminars.

We are always interested in exchanging programs and experiences to deepen and expand our knowledge with best practices for the benefit of our clients.

We appreciate new ideas within the company, to offer services with the best quality, and we accept constructive criticism. In this sense, we can always establish a dialogue with our clients for mutual benefit, time and cost savings, and efficient solutions.

Mission and vision

Improving human freedom and social wealth and promoting excellence is not even a work, is a pleasure.

Through our business activity, we offer products and services that imply, in most cases, important technological and social improvements for both Spain and Kyrgyzstan.

The economic aspect cannot be excluded from our mission. It is one of the most important, since the more prosperous the companies and families are, the more prosperous the countries.

Our vision of sustained growth and progress comes together with the concept of freedom. For the improvement and defense of human freedom, we are prepared to complicate our lives as engineers, if this brings a further benefit in any of the aspects that we support with our business policy.

Quality is not a commercial condition. It is the result of our deep respect for our work and lives and for the work and lives of others. And passion is what moves the world. Because of this, we cannot understand our work without both. And that is precisely why we always have excellence as our compass.

The founder of our company

The founder and promoter of our company is Mr. Oscar González. Although Mr. González defines himself as an engineer by birth, he graduated from ICAI as a Computer Engineer and later specialized in Robotics and Computer Aided Manufacturing Systems.

Software developer since he was fourteen years old, that is, from the very beginning of microcomputing, he has been in this business all his life. He has worked as director of the IT department of numerous renowned companies in the energy, metallurgical, engineering and consulting sectors.

During his career, he has founded several technology companies in Spain and the United States. After working as an international expert in countries such as Brazil, Turkey and Uzbekistan, he came to Kyrgyzstan for the first time in February 2014, fell in love with this country, and decided to complete the geographical triangle of his activities by founding our company, which he currently heads.

Tireless and versatile, he combines his management, engineering and technology activities with numerous collaborations with some NGOs and local associations.

Like all computer pioneers, he is not reluctant to pick up the keyboard and leave his signature and personal vision on each piece of software we create.

His passion for chemistry, medicine, electronics, or social sciences, have led us to become a unique company, with a wide range of activities, and that has no similarity with any other local company that we know of.